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Statement of Beliefs

Principles We Live By

We focus on living and sharing heart-centered ways of being.

We respect each individual's spiritual journey.


We offer safe sanctuary and practice non-judgemental awareness.


As taught by our sacred entheogenic sacraments, we are to respect and preserve Mother Earth and encourage others to do the same when feasible.


Everyone has the freedom to discover and develop their own ideological beliefs.


Our members have a moral and ethical obligation to approach every life situation from a place of love, peace, and understanding.

What We Believe

We all come from Spirit.

Divine love is the basis for everything.

We honor the spiritual and religious traditions of the world that hold divine love as its basis.

Entheogens from Mother Earth are holy sacraments that empower us to become more in tune with Mother Nature. The sacraments restore us to a more symbiotic relationship with nature.

We honor, respect and hold high reverence for our right to access entheogens' healing capacity just as our ancestors have for millenia all around the world.


Entheogens are our primary and direct bridge to the Divine.

Our love and connection to the Universe is enhanced by the sacramental consumption of natural entheogens.

Our experience has shown us that the sacramental use of entheogens within an appropriate spiritual context, far from being a dissociative experience for the mind and detrimental to the health of the individual or of society, is, on the contrary, an activity beneficial for the expansion of consciousness.

Just as the Earth nourishes and the Sun shines on all, Grace comes to everyone.

Wisdom has been called by many names, for all traditions experience It.

The spiritual texts of the world, when read and discerned using our inner guidance, point to true Wisdom.


Mystical experiences, induced by the sacramental consumption of entheogens, impart to us answers and guidance to specific and ultimate life questions.

By using entheogens to enter higher levels of consciousness, we become more comfortable in the spiritual realm, thereby allowing us to overcome our fear of death. As our fear of death wanes, we more easily love other beings and thereby create a better Universe.

At death, our spirits return to the same realm accessed through the sacramental use of natural entheogens.

Who We Are

We collectively support the individuals' discovery, cultivation and strengthening of their own inner wisdom.


We cultivate love, kindness and compassion for ourselves and all of creation.

We nurture the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of our being.

We are joyful af.

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