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See below for our current offerings.

Candle in Hands

 Inner Light Ceremony

A spiritual healing ceremony. We invite the sacrament to meet each of us where we are. The light of the Universe, the same light within Us, will bring us where we need to go. 

Night Sky

Midnight Ceremony

For the deepest spiritual healing work. We use the rhythms of the night to explore the unconscious and allow our hearts to guide and heal. Starts 90 minutes before sunset. Breakfast the next morning. Requires special, yet simple, mental and dietary preparation.


Themed Day Ceremony

Only open to those experienced journeying with sacrament. We set, as a group, our intention upon the theme of the ceremony. Starts at 10 am. Ends with group dinner. Inquire for upcoming ceremonies.

Japanese Interior

Private Ceremony

Send us a message and we will reach out to set up a ceremony or answer your questions about such a ceremony.

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